The Black Madonna Book

Guilhelm de Montanhagol, a Knight’s Templar knew his death was near. Few who entered the halls of torment emerged whole in mind or body. For six years Bishop Folques kept him imprisoned in a small cell in Toulouse. Condemned as a heretic he suffered the fate of many of his country-men before him; safeguarding the codex of the last words of Jesus Christ.
Luci de Foix was nine when her parents were killed in a car accident. But was it an accident? Luci, now an orphan was placed in a Catholic home, headed by Father Del Pierro and the Sacred Order. Unknown to Luci, the order has been watching her family for many years, waiting for the day that a diary written in the 14th century will be delivered to de Foix family. With her parents dead, Del Pierro has his opportunity to obtain the key to finding the codex.
Luci survives the death of her parents and betrayal at the orphanage. She now suffers from severe panic attacks that have left her crippled. Discovering that the accident that killed her parents and grandparents caused by Father Del Pierro, she fears she will be next. Someone was killing off her family and she had no idea why or who. Luci has built a wall of safety around her to protect her from the outside world in the sanctuary of college life and her refuge of books. Early one morning that world is shattered. A bloodied young man delivers a family diary she heard about from her grandparents. Thrust into tearing down the walls that have protected her for so many years, Luci struggles to overcome her fears to avenge the death of her family and to search for the lost codex; the truth spoken by Jesus to St. Thomas while he dies on the cross about the gateway to heaven.
Regarded as one of the most important finds of this century, members of a Sacred Order within the Roman Church have tasked Father Del Pierro with destroying the codex. Why? That question is at the heart faced by Luci de Foix whose world has been turned upside down. So begins Luci’s harrowing journey into the lands of Occitan, France. Infusing the past with the present through diary entries will interest readers from 20-90.



7 thoughts on “The Black Madonna Book”

  1. Nan Fernandez said:

    This will be the most interesting book. Can’t wait to read more. Maybe a book signing in Linda’s hometown. I will be the first one in line! Nan

  2. Thomas Cadwalader said:

    Looking forward to this, sounds like my kind of story. I’ll check back to get more info on the release date.

  3. Shari Rainwater said:

    This seems like just the kind of book I like to read, will look forward to it being published

  4. Sounds like a good setup. Is the book out?

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