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Linda Lee Kane
The sky is bigger, the ground harder, the freshly grown produce amazing, and the people diversified where I live in sunny Fresno, California.

We moved here with little to no expectations except to move back to Orange County within five years. Thirty-five years later we have grown to love our home in the valley, the people, and the opportunities that were afforded to us. I was able to receive a degree, my husband work at a job he loves, my sons graduate with their masters and marry two beautiful, intelligent women.

Whether I am writing for adults or children, the war between my days and nights is reflected in my books. Although the tendency to acknowledge the light and dark sides of life is often disguised in my work, it’s always there, lurking just out of sight.

Besides the power of love, land, and sky, my husband, and two sons, were the other major influences on my work and on me. They have served as my blunt and humbling story consultants over the years to a struggling writer.

Today I live near the ocean in California where I write and edit, paint, ride my magnificent Saddlebred horses, drive my hackney pony’s, and play with my three dogs, and enjoy life to the fullest.


1 thought on “About Author”

  1. Congratulations on launching your blog. Your profile is beautifully stated.

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