“I will slit your throat and anyone else I find here if you don’t do as I commanded,” the Count whispered. Na could only comply; there were many nuns in the chapel that she must protect. Throwing her onto her back, he mounted her, lifting her gown and thrusting himself deep inside her. She grasped him tightly around his back as he moved in and out of her. He began to spill his seed inside, tearing her vagina. Drunk as he was, there was no stopping him. He threw Na on her stomach. With dirty fingers holding her, he pushed himself deeper and deeper until she bled. Finally, exhausted, he rolled off her and passed out.
He raped her in a drunken state and never thought to hear from her again, Esclarmonde thought. She vowed she would never let this happen to her.
The next morning he drew with a chalky substance a picture on a stone relief of two knights on a horse, Sigillum Militum Christi, the sign of the Knights Templar, a seal of the Warrior for Christ. Without another thought of the abbess he raped, he mounted his steed and rode away not knowing that he had impregnated Na, my mother. After a few months, she began to show her pregnancy and because of her position at the nunnery, she left and returned home to her family. It was a long and difficult journey to her village. Na was exhausted and ashamed of what had befallen her. Her family took her in but her countrymen shunned her. In her distress, she gave birth early to twins, a boy that she Loup and a girl, Esclarmonde.