“Luci I’d like to introduce you to Sister Clara. She is going to visit you while you get better. Our social worker will look for your Uncle Nicholas and your mother’s parents; you mentioned their names to the firefighter who brought you in.”

            Sizing Sister Clara up and down, Luci remarked, “Looking the nun over, she said, “You’re wearing sandals, I thought only monks wore sandals.”

            “Women have played many roles throughout the centuries. I wear these in remembrance of them,” explained Sister Clara.

            Luci did not say another word. She was exhausted, and had a horrible ache tearing her insides out.

            “It’s OK Luci. I’m here if you need me. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.  I’ll just sit over in the corner chair and if you need anything, I‘ll get it for you.”

Hours after hour the nun sat in a chair next to Luci and said nothing.

The nurse quietly came in to check on Luci. “How are you doing?”

Luci ignored her. Sister Clara believed that Luci would be at peace in God’s company and would soon find comfort.

As she rocked and watched over Luci she thought of how the Wheel of Fortune is temporary. She had been sent to watch over Luci by her family that were members of the Cathars. She had infiltrated the Catholic church long ago and found its practices peaceful and comforting for the most part. There were elements and practices of the church that the Cathars had been watching for hundreds of years. Her faith was similar to many of the nuns she worked with. It wasn’t difficult to get a letter of recommendation from her congregation to work the school where Luci would soon be sent.