The sun was just cresting over El Bosque Drive early the next morning. Rays of sunshine beamed through a window. Luci looked down to see her cast-covered leg. Groggy, she glanced around the room. Stark reality hit her as she surveyed the cold, pale walls. She moaned with pain. A nurse appeared around the doorway and ran to her side.. She cradled Luci in her arms, feeling the heaving and rolling of Luci’s chest as her cries became spasms and then relented into a soft whimper.

Luci continued to moan. She didn’t want to believe any of this was real. Her eyes slowly roamed the room, the chrome of the railings, the wires and monitors..

“Where’s my mom and dad, I need to find them, “she panicked, ripping out the lines that were attached to her monitors and kicking the sterile sheets off of her.”

Holding Luci down to replace the wires, the nurse calmly told Luci she understood, but right now Luci needed to stay in bed until the doctor can check he leg and head. “If she says it’s OK, we can take all of the monitors off, but you need to stay still for just a little longer,” the nurse explained.

“I feel OK, please let me get up, my leg, and my head hurts only a little. I need to see my mom and dad.” Luci pleaded. The nurse walked over to the closet and came back with Luci’s teddy bear. She smoothed Luci’s hair away from her face as she handed the precious bear over.

Luci pressed the bear closely to her chest.

“Your teddy bear had a little hole in his toe, so I took it to the break room with me and patched him up. Now he is as good as new, see where the hole was?”

Ignoring the nurse Luci began to cry, “Where’s my mom and dad?” Luci suspected something was very wrong, but she didn’t want to believe anything bad had happened to them.

“You have the most beautiful china blue eyes Luci,” said the nurse, thinking that this beautiful little girl was breaking her heard. “I’ll tell the doctor you’re awake.”

A few minutes later, Dr. Emily Jones, a petite brunette with warm brown eyes, and chart in hand, entered Luci’s hospital room. She came close to Luci and gently touched her arm. “You were in a very bad car accident,” she said, sitting down on the edge of Luci’s bed. She took hold of Luci’s hand. “I am so sorry honey, but your mom and dad didn’t make it. I’m so very sorry.”

 Luci felt her soul being ripped away from her body. She’d never felt so alone, so isolated. She was scared, and her head hurt so badly. Tears began to fall uncontrollably down her face. Her breathing sped up. She pushed the sheets aside and lurched out of the bed in search of her parents.  The doctor and nurse together grabbed Luci and held her by her arms, forcing her back down on the bed and holding her still. The nurse quickly stuck a needle in her arm, assuring her in a soothing voice that she’d feel better soon. Luci quieted down, clutching her bear and crying silently into its fur. The bear was the last thing her mommy had given her. Soon she calmed and drifted off to sleep.

            The next day the nurse who had fixed Luci’s teddy bear came into her room, bringing a woman wearing a black habit. She looked like a nun and appeared to bear a kindness about her.