ImageCombing her tangled, wet hair out, she tied her hair back into a ponytail. She pulled the beautiful golden dress that smelled as if it had been sprinkled with cinnamon from the closet and slipped it on.

  Luci grabbed the doorknob to open her bedroom door, and stopped suddenly when she saw her father and heard him speaking angrily on the phone.

“The diary you are seeking Father is not for sale. You have called repeatedly and I have given you my answer. As long as I am alive, that diary will be protected from people like you,” he said, with a glint of fire in his gray eyes. He hung up the phone quickly.

Looking around he spotted Luci. “Come on, we’re waiting for you,” he said impatiently.

“Coming Dad,” she responded. She had never heard her father raise his voice. He was a college professor, who spoke softly to everyone but with authority. The only bad thing anyone ever said of her father was that  he had incredibly bad taste in bow ties,  and she would have to agree.

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